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The golf book critics love Ryder Cup Revealed: Tales of the Unexpected

Telegraph’s James Corrigan: “Great book..(contains) many great & bizarre tales.” “If you're looking to read about the Ryder Cup, you'll be hard-pressed to find something more interesting, insightful or well written than this.”

Today’s Golfer: “Meticulous and fun, Biddiscombe raises smiles and eyebrows in equal measure with yarns you’ll be quick to pass on.” “An excellent read.”

Tee Times: “A fascinating read...tackling the subject from a very different angle.”

PGA chief executive & Ryder Cup expert Sandy Jones: “Intriguing and enthralling and, like the Ryder Cup itself, totally engaging.”

The story of the ‘other’ Ryder Cup - yes, there’s another in Africa

One of the tales of the unexpected that is among the most incredible in the book focuses on the Zimbabwe Ryder Cup.

It took place the week before the action at Gleneagles and is an international celebration of club golf for a REAL Ryder Cup.

“Yes, it sounds unlikely, but it’s true,” says author Ross Biddiscombe who is also going to play in the match this year.

For a full report on this remarkable competition and how it came into being back in the 1930s, click on this link to the Zimbabwe Ryder Cup match.





After two years of work, RYDER CUP REVEALED: TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED by Ross Biddiscombe is now on sale in both a hardback and e-Book format. The book is an alternative historical analysis of the Ryder Cup and focuses on the off-course controversies, the behind-the-scenes rivalries and a host of previously untouched topics like the money and business aspect of the matches, the politics of the contests and the its future success or even decline.

    Unlike any previous book about the Cup’s history, this title takes golf fans into the minds of the key personalities, explains the significance of the meeting rooms and the locker rooms, and links what then happens on the fairways and greens to the scheming and plotting taking place outside the ropes. RYDER CUP REVEALED also investigates the most common myths surrounding the matches and delivers unique answers and insights. Plus there is a controversial and thought-provoking gaze into some of the remarkable possibilities about the future of the matches in the decades to come.

    Biddiscombe spent almost two years compiling and writing the book, talking to players past and present including Brian Huggett and Brad Faxon (pictured below with the author). Both the European Tour and the PGA have supported the publication and the PGA’s chief executive Sandy Jones wrote the book’s foreword saying the book “firmly connects the past with the present; it talks about golf as part of society and the professional golfers as honest, working men battling against the problems of money, politics or controversy. That connection is what makes this book totally enthralling and intriguing and, like the Ryder Cup itself, totally engaging

    And if you live in the UK, then you can buy the hardback book for half price and for the eBook, click on this website   Now read the fascinating Anatomy of Ryder Cup Revealed - click here.

Dateline: Oct 2016

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Stars from both sides of the Atlantic talk to ‘Ryder Cup Revealed’

Ross Biddiscombe, author of Ryder Cup Revealed: Tales of the Unexpected researched and interviewed many players who contested the matches over the last few decades. Here are some of their best quotes.

The rivalry as explained by Ian Poulter (pictured below): “We’re all good friends, both sides of the Pond, but there’s something about the Ryder Cup which intrigues me about how you can be great mates with somebody but, boy, do you want to kill them in the Ryder Cup.”

Paul Azinger on his four experiences as a player: “I've always said that the Americans' love for the Ryder Cup is in our heads, but for the Europeans, it's in their blood. There's a difference. The Ryder Cup means everything to them.”

Eight-time GB player and one-time captain Brian Huggett on the years of American domination: “Looking back, we had no bloody chance.”

Justin Rose is one of the most eloquent players when it comes to helping fans understand the intensity of playing in a Ryder Cup. “Justin Rose has no doubt where the rawest emotions come from during the matches. “The crowd makes the intensity. It’s red vs blue and two sets of fans, home and away; it’s less the individuals out on the golf course. Personal friendships are put aside for the week. The Ryder Cup transcends golf and attracts sports fans, not just golf fans.

“There are different types of behaviour out there. The players have to go and play each other the following week, so there is respect inside the ropes. But emotions run way higher because the crowds charge the emotions so much. The players in recent years have done a great job keeping sportsmanship first and foremost because the lines outside the ropes do get a bit blurry at times.”

Now read the fascinating Anatomy of Ryder Cup Revealed - click here.

List of Ryder Cup Revealed Book Signing Events Continues to Grow

Author Ross Biddiscombe will be the special guest at almost two dozen Ryder Cup Revealed Book Signings by the middle of October.  Three are taking place this summer in America, in Colorado and Michigan.

“The events are proving very popular and there are still gaps in my schedule if any other golf clubs want to stage one,” he says.

The signings can include a full presentation about the book, a Q&A, a Ryder Cup quiz or even special on-course competition with prizes.

For details, email Ryder Cup Revealed Roadshow Organiser on


Author’s Report by Ross Biddiscombe

Ryder Cup Revealed: Tales of the Unexpected was a 20-month-long project that spanned both the continents and involved over 100 interviews.

Highlights were sitting down for tea in the homes of Brian Huggett and Neil Coles; the trip to the 3M Championship in Blane, Minnesota to interview a dozen or more former US Ryder Cup players; visiting Ryder Cup venues; spending time in the archive offices of the PGA and the USGA as well as New York Public Library; being given special one-on-one sessions with key administrators like The Professional Golfers Association chief executive Sandy Jones (pictured with the author, right) and European Ryder Cup director Richard Hills.

The author says: “Like so many people I was inspired by the events of Medinah. I already had a Ryder Cup book idea on the back-burner, but ‘The Miracle’ meant that I just had to produce a manuscript in time for Gleneagles.

The six chapters link up the old with the new and explain why the matches are the way we know them today. My favourite chapter is ‘The Future’ because history tells us nothing stays the same - not even the Ryder Cup.

Now read my blog about the whole writing and publishing journey of the book - click here.

Excerpts from Ryder Cup Revealed: Tales of the Unexpected are available on via the Kindle purchase option.

eBook extras are a hit for all e-book readers

The eBook of Ryder Cup Revealed has a couple of extra chapters that are proving to be a big hit for readers on their tablets, mobiles and laptops.

Eleven pages of trivia and almost two dozen pictures in the appendices offer a little added value to the digital product.

The eBook is especially popular with fans in the U.S. and is on sale in all digital formats including Amazon’s Kindle via this hotlink